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Welcome friends. So happy you made it.

6 years down, forever to go.

6 years down, forever to go.

Look at us. 6 years, 3 kids and some fur babies later. Are we still in love? Yup. Is it easy? Hell no. Is it worth it? 100%.

One thing I’ve learned about marriage is that your love for each other changes. It’s easy to forget that easy, carefree, young and in love couple we once were. Not because we love each other less, but we love each other deeper. Life happens. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the easy, the hard, and going through all of these things changes you. Maybe not enough for other people to recognize, but loving someone through these times will only make your bond stronger.

Being married is not easy. There are times when I get so angry that I think to myself “I can do all of this without him.” Then I cool down and realize that what I’m angry over is NO reason to think irrationally, and I go full circle back to “I need him.” From the outside maybe it’s a perfect picture, but I assure you it’s not. Is it ever? It takes hard conversations, understanding, and a little give and take.

In the new year we’ve started to take a new approach. After a trying day, we take a minute to talk about how lucky we are, and it really helps put our worries into perspective, even if just for a brief moment. When our wheel of life doesn’t seem to be spinning right, we say “but at least we love each other.” And If love conquers all, as they say, then I guess we’re doing alright.

Life is beautiful, but it sure has its moments. I’m so lucky to be taking on life with you by my side.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

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One thought on “6 years down, forever to go.

  1. Love is never easy but always worth it when you have that someone so special, Happy Anniversary.

    Lovely photos of you both

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