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Staying Home.

Staying Home.

“This will do a lot more damage to our economy than it will do to our population.”

“This will do a lot more damage to our economy than it will do to our population.”

“This will do a lot more damage to our economy than it will do to our population.”

I read this in an article today. I got hung up on this quote and couldn’t even finish the whole article. I’m terrified of what this will do to our economy. We’re all terrified, but shouldn’t the population be the #1 priority?

I’ve been talking with a friend in Italy through all of this. Even as it gets worse there, her continuous advice to me is always – don’t panic, and follow the recommended guidelines of the WHO. She is one of the people of Italy who is doing just that. Last night I read through our conversation over the last few weeks:

Feb 29th – “everything must close by 7pm here”

March 1- “schools are closed, no public events , we can go out but we have to avoid meetings of people.”

March 15- “since last week we can go out alone , or if with others keeping distances; and in stores only one single person at a time, parks are closed to avoid groups of teenagers.

March 17- “I just read that our governor is considering to stop any open air activity (except for dogs of course) because people run and stay together.

What they’re experiencing is scary, and could have been prevented by staying home. I hope the steps that are being taken here in the US are enough to save us from such heart ache.

I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old. Over the last few weeks, before making any decisions we stop and ask ourselves if it’s worth the risk of getting our loved ones sick. I can’t think of anything that’s worth that risk. My aunt can’t visit my uncle right now because of his compromised immune system. I have friends who are pregnant, and scared. You still might not be worried, but there are plenty of people who are, and have a good reason to be. Personally, I’m choosing listen to the scientists, the doctors, and to my friends who are nurses on the frontlines of all of this. When my children are learning about this in history class some day, I’ll be so happy to tell them that they did their part by simply staying home.

Maybe I’m the crazy one?! But if the spread of this virus slows over the next few weeks. I’m ok with being a little crazy.


5 thoughts on “Staying Home.

  1. I think you’re doing absolutely the right thing. You need to look after your babies. Here in Ireland we are doing the same. I’m immuno compromised and just have to accept that I need to stay indoors as much as possible. I’m really missing seeing my grandkids but we are keeping in touch via FaceTime. Keep safe & God bless us all.

  2. Thank you for doing your part to social distance. Give the girls hugs for us. Kostaki says “bye see you later” as he’s waving his hand. Love you guys!

  3. I am writing to you from Piacenza, one of the Italian cities most affected by the Coronavirus: the situation is tragic and frightening. There are so many dead that no one knows where to put the coffins. Just yesterday, 29 people died in hospital in our small town plus all those who died at home. In the town of Bergamo, army trucks took coffins away to other cities for cremation, because there were so many of them that they didn’t know where to put them. It is frightening how in a few hours the Coronavirus aggressives the body and makes you suffocate, old and young people die without distinction. Take all precautions, because we are living in terror. Greetings, Rossana.

  4. You are absolutely doing the right thing! I am a pharmacist at a small independent pharmacy and I have to go to work as I provide an essential service. I would love to just peace out and stay at home. I have savings and I’m not worried about bills at this time, however I feel like I have a moral obligation to go to work. I am shocked at the amount of people that are out and about without a care in the world. People need to take this virus seriously. Our city just declared a state of emergency and mandated that all restaurants close with the exception of take out and delivery and social gatherings must be kept to a maximum of 5 people. Many retail stores have also closed to protect their staff and customers. We don’t have many cases in our province (Saskatchewan) as of yet, but I’ve been following Italy and things are about to explode in Canada and the US with all travelers returning home. Please encourage your loved ones to stay put and keep away. I know this is difficult for all of us. But we are all in this together. And if we all do our part the outcome might not be as detrimental as in other countries! Please keep posting funny pictures And videos of Ralphie. They make my heart smile especially after losing my chocolate lab Coco to cancer 18 months ago. Stay safe! Wash your hands! ❤️


  5. You have every right to be crazy because I’m crazy too! Trump is minimizing all of this. Every death is someone’s loved one. Now he’s shooting for Easter Sunday and pinpointing only hot spots. Listen to the medical experts and people working in the medical field. Screw the frickin economy. Money can be replaced but not a human life.

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