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The sign. ❄️

The sign. ❄️

The universe has its way of letting us know that everything is ok.  My husband bought me an engagement ring and held on to it for months before he asked me to marry him. He was waiting for the first snow fall.  On Thanksgiving morning 2014 we woke up to the most beautiful winter wonderland.  We went out to Charlie’s favorite park to enjoy a hike through the perfect fallen snow, and take some pictures.  When he found the perfect spot he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.   I couldn’t have asked for a better moment.

Almost a year later, in the beginning of October 2015, We went to take engagement photos.  The pictures turned out perfect, but the day itself was uncomfortably cold.  One of the photographers looked outside and said “look, it’s snowing!”  Snow flakes in the beginning of October are not very common… even in New England. We looked at each other and suddenly the day didn’t feel so cold anymore.

We chose January 16th, 2016 as our wedding date because we wanted snow covered trees and roof tops.  We hoped for a storm the week of the wedding, but we ended up with an almost snowless winter that year.  You could still see the grass, and the trees were bare.  The morning of our wedding, someone looked outside and yelled “Its snowing!”  It wasn’t the big snowfall we had hoped for, but it was just enough to put an even bigger smile on my face on one of the biggest days of my life.

There are many other times when snow has shown us that its more than just a winter nuisance. On our honeymoon when we hit a “snow storm” driving through Georgia…when does it ever snow in Georgia?  The first time I found out I was pregnant, minutes later snow started to fall. Some of this may sound like coincidence, and maybe it is! But ever since my husband chose a snowy day to propose to me, snow seems to be the universe’s way of letting us know that everything is going to be ok.  That we’re in this together, and we’re in the right place.

Letting Charlie go was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  I knew saying goodbye to him was never going to be easy, but for the first time he showed he was ready to leave us.  He was in pain, and through all these months of him battling cancer, we never wanted him to suffer.  It was time to set him free.  We were never going to be ready, but we had to accept the fact that he was. Later that night, I was putting my daughter to sleep. Just as she closed her eyes and we were laying in her quiet room I asked Charlie for some type of sign that he was ok.  Nothing happened, so I told myself how stupid that was to ask for that.  I went to bed, and dreamt about him all night.  I dreamt of him happy and healthy, before his cancer.   At 4am I woke up and realized I was sad that my bed was so comfortable. I missed waking up throughout the night to push him over so I could move my legs….and then eventually just finding another spot because he wouldn’t actually move.  I sat up and started to cry. My husband rolled over and said “it’s snowing.”  My immediate thoughts were “ugh, its almost April, and it’s been warm all week.”  …and then I got up and went to the kitchen.  I looked out the window and saw the big flakes falling from the sky, and that’s when it hit me.  I went back to the bedroom, and we both sat in bed watching the snow fall for almost an hour in silence.  We knew this was Charlie’s way of showing us that he was where he was supposed to be.  He was giving me the sign I asked him for. The universe was letting us know that everything is going to be ok.


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  1. Beautifully written. It’s comforting to hear you got the sign that you all needed. I can’t begin to fathom how difficult this journey has been. Thank you for allowing us all to enjoy Charlie, and love him. It brightened my day to see what he was up to, listening to his “voice”, and seeing how much he was loved. Thank you for taking us along on the journey on the good & bad days.

  2. Oh, my! This is beautiful and just perfect. Even though Charlie might not be hogging the bed, he will always be there for you and forever in your heart. Sending you and your family all of the love and strength.

  3. I cried so hard yesterday for dog I didnt even know. I just followed so I cant imagine your pain. What an amazing story. Yes! That was Charlie waking you up to see the snow coming down. It was his thank you! Freeing him to be pain free and run forever! You gave him the best gift you could. Doesnt make it easy. The tears are still rolling down my face. RIP Charlie dog! I love you

    1. same here. I was crying on my birthday for a dog I haven’t personally seen but learned to love through his Mom’s post. Still crying as I write this. ????

  4. Not a dry eye in the house!! While reading this our boy Murphy came up, nudged the ipad with his nose, winked and curled up (We call it the “cinnamon roll”) 1/2 on me and put his head on my shoulder. I am pisitive your boy Charlie is pain free in a happy place… so sorry for your loss!! Our boy Jake is no doubt welcoming Charlie and showing him the ropes. You will eventually only smile and shed happy tears for your boy!

    1. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to so many. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

  5. My first chocolate Sienna had been through thick and thin with me and when she knew I was safe and taken care of it was time to go. I loved Charlie and will miss him dearly. I wish I had words of comfort but he was one in a million and will be forever missed. I hope he visits you often in your dreams ❤️

  6. Beautiful and gives me a way for this Marylander to appreciate snow in Georgia and snow in general. When I was 12 I lost my Father as he de-iced his car one snowy morning in January. Every snow fall since is a cold reminder of his loss. Now I can take the joy you and your family has created through sharing Charlie with all of us and see the beauty of snow. God Bless and comfort each of you.

  7. Meli and family, my condolences to all of you. A piece of us goes with our loved ones when they cross the horizon, but the love we gained while together is abundant. When I wrote to you awhile back when you were needing a miracle for Charlie, I told you that his miracle was already with him as he was living with his miracle, YOU. You, Sakirockets and Gentle provided the security, love and hope needed to overcome insurmountable odds, and Charlie did! Cancer has no power over us. Our earthly bodies can succumb to the disease, but they are only temporary to begin with. Cancer has no power over love and goodness. And you, Charlie’s miracle, freely and unconditionally supplied him with an endless supply of both love and goodness in its purest form that allowed Charlie to cross the horizon and dwell forever in your heart. I’ll miss reading about all of Charlie’s adventures and his charming personality but rejoice in the fact that I too witnessed the bond between human and dog that can never be
    broken. Your Imstagram friends, Paul and Penny ❤️????

  8. Beautifully said, poignantly shot. Not a dry eye to be found. Thank you for sharing your wonderful boy, his adventures, and delightful point of view. It was priceless and brightened many of my days. Loving hard is living hard, All worth it. I hope you meet frequently in your dreams until you are together again in your forever place. Big Love

  9. What a beautiful story. They always know when it’s time…like you said, we will never be ready???? run free Charlie…run free baby boy????♥️????

  10. Snowflakes are angel tears. Sometimes they’re happy tears, sometimes sad tears. Love to you all, and good (snowy) night Charlie. XO from Oregon, and we have been through this sad loss of life with four Chocolates. Maybe Charlie can find them for a snowball battle (Cocoa, Lucy, Page, Ivy).

  11. Such a beautiful, amazing story. The pain you are going through is very hard, yet at the same time when you have these signs, it gives a bit of peace. To your whole family, .Zuma, Neeka and I send puppy kisses and many prayers. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us. I hope you know how much him and your posts brightened our days, left us believing in miracles, and brought tears to our eyes. He was and always be part of my life, even just through Instagram.

  12. This was a beautiful story of setting your sweet Charlie free. I realize that your hearts have been completely shattered, but the love you had for your Charlie will keep him with you forever. He was certainly a very special boy and was loved by many. Dream of him often…..he loved you too. ????

  13. Dogs really are such wonderful companions and have senses that we will never possess even in death. Very sorry for your loss but you did your job and your best. I hope Charlie meets my old boxer Kingsley over the rainbow bridge, Kings had a special place in his heart for our choc lab Viggo

  14. I’ve never met Charlie physically but boy it sure feels like I’ve known him for years. No he’s not here physically but rest assured he’s looking down making sure Gentle will treat Ralphie right and his little brother or sister right when they arrive. One thing you guys will always have are those memories and no one can ever take those. I can’t believe as I type this the tears are rolling. All though you’re currently hurting Char-Char is pain free and doing ALL the things he loves.

  15. The last 7 years of my life have been filled with loss, grief, change, fear and finally hope and peace. Events in my own life and the world around me have led me to at times be cynical and angry. It would have been easy to just quit trying. But every morning at 7 am I was awakened by the most beautiful soul that loves me unconditionally and is a living, breathing testament to all the good stuff in my life. So I got up, day after day and put one foot in front of the other until the pain and hurt started to fade. They are never just a dog. They are the best part of us. They are ever faithful. They ask for so little and give without expectation in return. We are their world. And from where I am standing, you made Charlie’s world absolutely amazing. And in turn, Charlie made our world a little better every day. I’ll miss him dearly.

  16. A beautiful story…whenever I see snow I will think of Charlie….whenever I wear my chocolate lab gloves I bought from you I will think of Charlie. He is forever with you….rest easy sweet boy you are so loved ❤️????

  17. Tears rolling down my face . I read your beautiful story as I scratched the top of my Coby’s head . Our furry friends are beautiful gifts from above . They love us unconditionally. They accompany us in good and in bad . Charlie was a special dog. How blessed you have been to have Charlie by your side .How blessed I have been to have my Coby for 12 years by my side .

  18. How Beautiful. Charlie was lucky to have y’all and y’all to have him. I lost my 15 year old Teddy Bear one week before you lost Charlie. I am still completely devastated, But one week later the pain is much better than the first few days. I can now think of him and not cry but be happy he is pain free. He loved the snow. I can now see him and Charlie playing together in doggie heaven in the snow. My thoughts are with y’all. ❤️

  19. You will continue to see signs – they will come at moments when you need them most . Charlie Will be with you until you meet again over that bridge .. my heart is broken for you .

  20. Se que fueron muy felices con Charlie y el con ustedes, tuvo una buena vida y desde donde esté velará por ustedes , el fue feliz

  21. Dear, your words are wonderful and make me to think that now Charlie is a very beautiful angel looking at you from a snow clouds. I send you a big hug. Charlie is in my heart ❤️. Kisses ???? from Rossana and Chocolate Labrador Badi.

  22. I just gave my chocolate Harley a huge hug. He is living with cancer too. Your story has been beautiful. All of it. Every minute. And im crying for a dog that touched my heart and life. Thank you for sharing. I think Charlie knows all the people that loved him. As i hugged my harley just now I had this sense that charlie could see and is in awe of all those he touched.

  23. I was surprised the amount of sadness I felt when I found out Charlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge – I feel it deeply like he is my own. I too knew it was coming but wished and wished he would get better. When Charlie was diagnosed it took me back to our cancer journey with our black lab Onyx – the ups and downs were so similar – my heart ached for you all at every turn. We too made that painful decision to let him go but we knew, like you, it was actually something we could do for him. A gift of peace. You loved Charlie – gave him the best life and so graciously shared him with all of us. I’ve spent bits of my day looking back at your posts and look forward to reminiscing for a long time to come. So many memories – thank you so much for giving us Charlie – with much love and healing for your family ♡

  24. We looked forward daily to read n see a Charlie tale. The good bye comes for all and it’s bittersweet now. His touch is on Ralphie and the next Ralphie will give it too. Our very own Earth Angels. Hugs from us to you

  25. I am so sorry for your loss… I have followed Charlie’s battle for so long, and I know the loss all too well. Your handsome boy is running free in snowy woods and he is no longer in any pain… RIP chocolate dog Charlie x

  26. I’m literally crying that too at work.. He is at peace.. Everything is gonna be alright.. ❤️

  27. Im so sorry for your loss, charly was a special dog, the story of the snow touched me.❤️ My toughts and prays are with you

    ❤️ from holland

  28. Thank you for sharing this story, I loved Charlie and I love your family.
    The “Sign” gives hope to all of us that had to go through the loss of a loved one.

  29. ‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole’. A little piece of our hearts is gone forever when they leave us. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us, we’ve been privileged to get to know him, and a tiny little piece of all our hearts will have a little void for him!!

  30. Your story is so beautiful and it made me cry in the train. I will miss your Charlie which I usually check in the morning on the way to my work. It is really sad when your loved ones leave you but deep in your heart that you knew that they will find peace in the other world they will go to…rest in peace sweet Charlie….

  31. This is beautiful:) I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much Charlie meant to all of you. He will forever be your angel ???? to watch over and protect you. My thoughts and prays are with you ????. We love you Melissa!!

  32. Que historia tan bonita…Os sigo desde hace varios meses, pues tengo una labrador chocolate y me gusta veros, me identifico con vosotros. Ver que Charlie estaba enfermo me partió el corazón y de verdad confiaba en que se pondría bien.
    Ayer al leer tu post no pude retener mis lagrimas. Ponerme en vuestro lugar me ha dolido mucho, no quiero imaginar ese día…un día que se inevitable.
    Charlie ha tenido suerte de estar con vosotros.
    Os mando un abrazo y mucha fuerza desde España

  33. What a beautiful story…and you get to say it’s yours. Charlie will forever be in your hearts, and now mine too. ❤️
    Thank you for sharing!????

  34. Beautiful. Sad. I’ve lost two chocolate labs, and I hope I get to love a few more in this life. It hurts more every time, but the love is worth the pain.

  35. Dear Meli, what a beautiful story. I sat at work yesterday and cried when I saw your insta post. My family and friends have so loved following Charlie’s & your gorgeous family’s journey, Charlie certainly is the most handsome clever cuddly fun fella that any fur mum & dad could wish for & we can’t begin to imagine the pain your feeling now. Take care of each other & know that you certainly gave our mate Charlie the best life ever & know that you are surrounded by many friends far & wide. Sending lots a love, from Catherine in Australia xoxo (cat_okm fur mum to Otis, a 6 year old Chocolate rescue pup apparently a Cattle, Kelpie, Labrador X whom we love with all our hearts) RIP Charlie we love you xoxox

  36. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us. I was heartbroken to read about Charlie crossing the rainbow bridge, I can only imagine your family’s pain. You gave him a wonderful life and he will forever love you for it. I will miss his handsome face and his funny posts. Again thank you for sharing your beautiful Charlie with us. God bless.

  37. I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie. He was such a special part of our life and I didn’t even know y’all. I love following along with your family and seeing what mischievous things Charlie would get into. I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to share in your life with Charlie. He was so loved and it showed everyday how much he meant to your whole family. Thank you for sharing your special sign from Charlie to let us all know that he is at peace. It truly helped me accept him leaving and going on to a pain free, happy place. I can’t imagine your pain and sadness but knowing he sent you a sign ❄️❄️❄️ Will definitely make it a little easier to accept. Again I just wanted to say thank you for sharing his life. Please know that you are Alton our thoughts. Ralphie is a special pup and Gentle is such a cutie. I can’t wait to see your family grow with another little one soon. ❤️❤️❤️

  38. I’m sorry to hear about losing Charlie, such a beautiful boy. Charlie loves you guys and his annoying little brother. ????????????????????????????????

  39. Thank you for sharing this – and all of Charlie – with so many of us. I looked forward to every new post and Charlie’s antics were wonderful to witness. I find myself weeping for the loss of this sweet boy – it’s really unfair how short of a time dogs can be with us. I think that Charlie will always be with you. And I think he might continue to make it snow anytime you need a sign. ????

  40. I believe in signs and that they are always with us around us and loving us from the other side???? Charlie was so loved by you and Saki and couldn’t have been given a better life or family! You loved him enough to let him go . I know the pain of losing a fur baby too and how reassuring it is when I dream of Cali ???? and it’s more of a visit than a dream. Love to you both ♥️ And yes Melissa as you know I am crying ???? as I am reading this . Always here to cry with you . R. I.P. Charlie ????❤️????

  41. I fell in love with Charlie from the first post I came across, and started following him looking forward each day to his shenanigans. Charlie came into my life right when I had lost my Zoey. Charlie’s humor and take on things helped me through a very hard time. His passing has left a hole in my heart. It hurts for your whole family, for when Gentle will ask for him, for the empty spot on your bed, for ropes Ralphie still has to learn, for the baby he still had to meet. I’m hoping Charlie is getting a sneak peak at baby #2 from heaven and will be watching over you all! You were the best family Charlie could have ever ask for!

  42. This is absolutely beautiful. I have no doubt that this was a sign from him. Charlie was so special to all of us. It sounds crazy to say that about someone or something you’ve never met but it’s true. He touched the lives of so many. I was always excited to see him pop up in my feed to share a piece of his world. I am so very sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is absolutely soul crushing. Take all the time you need to grieve and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It will get better though. Instead of crying about the memories, one day you’ll catch yourself smiling about them. Charlie was full of life and that’s exactly how he would want you to be. He will always be with you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with the world and please know that he will live on in all of our hearts.

  43. Once again you have brought me to tears. I am going to say I am crying tears of comfort that Charlie reached out. I love the close up of him. I am holding you all in my heart.

  44. Yesterday I took a moment and prayed for your family to receive peace during this terrible time. Words cannot describe the pain that comes when we lose a best friend. I’ll continue to keep you all in my prayers. Thank you for sharing this with us. ❄️

  45. I didn’t know him personally but I New him through Instagram. I feel in love with him too like so many. I have a chocolate lab named Macie and a black lab Milo, every time I look at them I think of Charlie. I had a yellow lab called Max he died 3 years ago but he had a long life for a lab he was 16! I miss him every minute of every day! I feel that way for Charlie! I loved seeing his life thank you for sharing him! I will always have a spot in my heart for him! ????????

  46. What a beautiful story! I’m over here in tears not only from the story but because I know losing Charlie is more than “ruff” ????. Thank you so much for sharing him with us! There were so many days that I just needed a smile or a laugh and Charlie did just that! He spread so much joy to so many people and it was so evident how much he loved his family. I pray you may continue to find comfort and peace during this time.

  47. Beautiful Charlie . At peace with the angels and our beautiful Choccie Boy , Rocky . May they both run free . Run wild . Our hearts are still broken but they will heal . Our love to you all . From London UK xxc

  48. So beautifully written.
    Charlie was indeed a special dog with a very special family.
    Hope Gentle is doing ok.

  49. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and making Charlie feel like he was one of our own dogs.
    I, like so many of your followers have cried along with your family during your loss of Charlie.
    Until you meet again across the ???? bridge may all your memories bring you comfort ❤️

  50. Ohhh my God, Im cry in the morning and now again, like Maia said Im love and cry for a dog that didnt know, but day after day i saw him his happy days and the hardest too for him and for you!! I have a female lab chocolate named Lola and Im hug her and love her like you said yesterday!!
    Im send you a big Hug!!! A big and happy surprise The Sign”

  51. Melissa, so well written. You should consider with a book of short stories w/pics about Charlie…a “cofee table” book if you will.

  52. It’s rare I get as invested in a random instagram dog account as I did with Charlie and his story. He always seemed like such a happy and bright dog and seeing your posts always put a smile on my face. I’m so sorry for your loss. A dog’s death is never easy, and even harder when it’s too soon. You and your adorable family are in my thoughts.

  53. Charlie, Gentle and now Ralphie are big hits at our Ad Agency. Once I learned about his IG I spent a long Friday night catching up on all his antics. I often would hear “Did you see Charlie’s new post” and we’d all jump to our phones for a good laugh. We all wept this weekend. We all cried again when we discussed your blog post. We’re a dog-friendly Ad Agency and we all love our pups…and we all loved Charlie. Thanks for bringing us along for your journey together.

  54. Charlie Is A Beautiful Soul Always Put a Smile On My Face. I Always Loved To Hear What Antics He Was Going To Say Gentle Had Gotten Him Into (He Claimed It Was Her) ???? He Captured Many Many Hearts Around The World And We All Love Him Dearly ???? He Will Never Be Forgotten ❤️ Run Free From Cancer ???? Rest In Peace Sweet Boy ????????????❤️

  55. This was such a beautiful story to read. I balled like a baby and went to snuggle with my chocolate lab, also named Charlie. My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to you and your family.

  56. Your absolutely right it was a sign – I believe it that too. I’m gonna miss Charlie even though he’s not my dog but always loved your stories- now I’ll have Ralphie and of course the kids! But Charlie will always have a special place in your heart I know – as snowfalls do . I know it’s hard -been through it too many times and I still think about my beloved dogs and share many memories of them????❤️

  57. Thank you and your family for sharing such wonderful daily events and treasured moments of Charlie. As a Lab mom I started following a while back. I’ve loved Charlie’s sense of humor since day 1. He was such a great and handsome pup. I’ve enjoyed watching him throughout the time. My heart goes to you and your family during this time. It’s not easy and never will be. I’m sooo sooo sorry. When it snows I will think of Charlie! Thank you for that wonderful story of the sign! ❤️❤️❤️

  58. I was casually weeping in my car in the parking lot as I read this when a fluffy golden suddenly jumped up on the driver’s side window. I didn’t know where she’d come from, but when I opened the door, I could tell she’d probably slipped her collar. Sure enough, her dad came jogging up behind her and he held her still while I refastened her collar. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her tag—her last name was Charles! I think the universe is filled with Charlie, which makes the universe pretty special. ❄️

  59. Oh i o believe in signs❄️. And this is the most beautifull, sad but still comforting sign he could give! Charlie must have been an amazing companion without a doubt! I wish you all the strenght coping with this loss, and sending you warm hugs , believing it is going to be fine…. ( in some time) ❤️

  60. I have been anxiously waiting for your first blog post after Charlie’s passing. I was dreading it a bit too. How do you feel closeness and love for people and animals you only know through their Instagram account? It is a powerful thing this IG community. Charlie and your family have had me smiling for several years now and I don’t think that will change just because he isn’t on earth anymore. Little things will happen that will make you know he is with you and you will hopefully share those with us. There is a new baby coming and Ralphie is going to continue to entertain us all I am sure. I hug my dogs just a little bit tighter these days (which they hate) and tell more people that I love them and value their presence in my life. Charlie is free from that pain and sickness and catching frisbees and hogging the bed in heaven now.

  61. Thank you for sharing this story with us. What a tribute to the love you both share for each other and Charlie. He will always remain in your “heart pocket” along with the memories you all shared as a family. Gentle is such a precious little girl and Ralphie will be by her side to protect her as did Charlie.
    I look forward to reading your IG account of your daily posts that bring so much joy into my life. Charlie meant a lot to me, he brought joy back into my heart when l needed it most. My the future hold true love to you and your family.

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