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Expecting a miracle

Expecting a miracle

Last Thursday we took Charlie in for his Chemotherapy appointment. We weren’t feeling very optimistic about the current course of treatment, but after a physical examination there was a sliver of hope. The oncologist noticed that although the original lymph node was growing, the rest were still of normal size. Rather than continue chemotherapy at this time, she suggested that we do one dose of radiation to that single lymph node. I asked her what the chances were that the radiation wouldn’t work, and she said it would be very odd if it didn’t! This meant that after radiation, Charlie would finally be in remission! Finally hearing some good news is exactly what we needed. There were hugs, there were tears, and we all had a great weekend together. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday, I drove Charlie in for radiation. As I was driving home I was trying to put myself in Charlie’s paws. I wondered if he was scared when he went there. I wondered if he was so confused as to why we kept doing this to him…. and then the phone rang. After a physical examination, Charlie’s lymph nodes are all slightly larger than they were last week and a single dose of radiation won’t be affective.

Charlie’s body is otherwise healthy, so we have decided to try another protocol of chemotherapy. He is now on the MOPP chemotherapy protocol (mechlorethamine, vincristine, procarbazine, and prednisone) After all he’s been through with no success, Charlie may never be in remission. Charlie will be doing chemotherapy until his body can no longer handle it because we refuse to give up on him.

Never stop expecting a miracle. ❤️ #ruffcancer

Thanks for your continued support, kind words, and positivity❤️


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  1. Charlie is the bright spot in my day. I love seeing his post daily and his adventures at work and his experiences with Gentle. He’s a true blessing to a lot of people and I definitely expect a miracle for Charlie and your family. ????????????????

    1. Living with Labradors has been my life’s passion. Reading about Charlie and Gentle is part of a good day. We hate it Charlie is fighting cancer. Our hearts ???? are with u through thick and thin!

    2. Please stay hopeful! My cat, William was diagnosed with lymphoma 6 years ago this December. He was not expected to live. He takes a chemo pill every other day and a prednisone the Opposite Day.
      My point is .. my pray is that Charlie will be like William and continue to be his wonderful self wit the help of his medication! Charlie is the first one I scroll to on my instagram every day . I even have my BFF following him!

  2. I just started following Charly a couple of months ago, mainly because we also have a chocolate lab, and it’s crazy how connected I feel to Charly and his amazing “dogsonality”. Everytime I see a post I send a prayer for all of you. I really, really hope you get your miracle. Thanks for sharing all these emotions, I hope many people keep joining to send their love and prayers and we all Can witness a miracle.
    Regards from Mexico
    Fudge’s Mom

  3. we did the same with our lab mix. Drove from Montreal to New York every 2 weeks to get an experimental vaccine for osteosarcoma at his right front leg. We had him with us longer and with his 4 legs and dont regret it.
    good luck to you…I feel you.

  4. Dear Wonderful Insta Family,
    Charlie is indeed a blessing to so many people. He brings so much sunshine into every day. You are doing an amazing job giving him such a loving home.
    Dr. Alexia Tsakiris is an amazing Vet in NJ, who has much success with dogs, and practices Chinese Medicine. Perhaps she would be willing to give you a phone consultation. Her info is:
    Dr Alexia Tsakiris

  5. Feeling for you and your family! So many of us follow Charlie and his adventures and feel so connected to him. Always thinking about you guys and sending lots of love Charlie’s way!❤️

  6. Charlie is so loved! Just from seeing pictures on Instagram and reading posts, I can see that you are doing everything you can for him ♥️
    I have a chocolate lab myself and my heart hurts so much for what you, your family and Charlie are going through.

    Especially when you’ve been through something tough in your life before this, and Charlie has been there for you.
    Sending all the positive healing vibes Charlie’s way, and praying for a miracle ❤️

    Thanks for sharing the photos and updates that you do 🙂

  7. I love seeing Charlie ‘s posts each day. We feel connected to you through him. We’ll keep fighting together. That’s what we do. I’ll pray for Charlie, you both and Gentle, too.

  8. Prayers to you I know it is difficult on you all. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us and allowing us to share in you joyfully times and and difficult times as well!! Love and prayers from N.C.

  9. Prayers for Charlie, and all of you. I love following Charlie. Our furbaby was a Chocolate Lab/Boxer mix, and I am telling you he and Charlie could be twins! We lost him 3 years ago at the age of 14, my heart was broken, still is. But then I found Charlie’s page, and the highlight of my 8 year old, and my day is to see he has been up to. I love seeing him and Gentle together. ♥️

  10. Always continue to hope for miracles. I look forward every day to see your posts and see what k achiwf Charlie and Gentle have gotten into. I have a female chocolate lab who I love to pieces. I admire you for the lengths you are going to with his treatment. Y’all keep fighting and we will all be here to support and pray with you.

  11. Yes, never stop expecting a miracle! Your family is such a wonderful testimony of love, joy, hope, and beauty (inner and outer beauty ????). Charlie is one special boy and I am keeping you all in my heart, sending lots of love, and expecting a miracle! Love!!!

  12. We love following Charlie’s IG page and following your blog. It’s great to see the endless love and support system that Charlie has, it warms my heart. No matter what he is going through having such an amazing family is sure to make it easier and to keep him happy and in a positive mood. Keep fighting Charlie…we are all praying for a miracle for you.

  13. I’m praying for your family and beautiful Charlie!! And I’m believing for your doggie ‘s healing and I’m using my faith in agreement with others here that are praying his health to be restored!!!

  14. I too look forward to reading Charlie’s posts everyday! You all are doing such wonderful work! Charlie has touched more hearts and sparked so much joy to countless people. Yes, miracles do happen and I’m writing to one right now. You, Sakirockets and Gentle ARE Charlie’s miracle. For today, and everyday, we celebrate the gift of Charlie. ❤️???? Paul and Penny ????

  15. Like the other commenters above, I absolutely love seeing Charlie’s posts on Instagram. I share with all my friends and family the cute photos and clever captions. I will continue to keep Charlie and your entire family in my prayers- cancer can’t keep Charlie down!

  16. You, Sakirockets and Gentle ARE Charlie’s miracle! Charlie has touched countless people with his optimistic outlook and humor. For today, and everyday we celebrate the gift of Charlie. Sent with love and gratitude ❤️????????Paul ( hooman) and Penny (chocolate lab)

  17. Miracles happen when you need them the most. Charlie is like our chocolate lab puppy’s distance cousin to us! We laugh at his stories and sometimes we get tears out of emotion. You are a great family and you do everything to help him get through this time. Most importantly you love him so much. We love him and we pray for his well being…

  18. Sending you all our thoughts, prayers and positive energy, my heart breaks for you every time I see a post, but love them still. Your truly a wonderful dog mom (and gentle mom) and I feel for you daily! My choc girl is my whole world! Paws up Charlie!!
    Kay and one of Charlie’s birches, koco❤️

  19. I am sorry to hear how the news changed in just a week. ???????? We want to do anything we can for our furbabies, that I know. I feel your pain. ???? Charlie seems so very sweet. ????

  20. You’re awesome Charlie! and your family is the BEST!!! Please continue the fight, you’re a strong boy with SUPER STRONG family???????????????????????????????????? You can beat this!????

  21. Reading this got me excited and then it almost broke my heart. I don’t even know you guys and we are so far away but yet I am sitting here in my bathroom reading your blog and crying.
    I pray that by some miracle there is a positive change soon. I too have an almost 2yr old chocolate lab named Piper and cannot imagine my life without her.
    Please know that I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers . And please give Charlie a hugs from his furfriend in Hawaii.
    Sending you all an abundance of love & aloha????????????????
    Lisa & Piper

  22. Hugs loves and prayers from me and my chocolate lab Bentley. We’ve followed Charlie for as long as I can remember and we’re here rooting and crying the tears with you all. This weekend we will post the photo from the K9 cancer run we did in honor of Charlie with the T-shirt we got and had and Charlie’s name added on the back as our honoree. Keep fighting we’re all here with you.

  23. Charlie makes miracles happen daily. In this world where so many times people are so quick to criticize, complain and judge, thousands of us from all different walks of life gather daily to smile and laugh and sometimes cry together with Charlie and his family. Thank you for sharing the miracle of Charlie with us. Much love and continued prayers.

  24. I look for your update and post everyday. I have two-chocolate labs, 9 and 7. I love Charlie’s posts!!. I am so glad you aren’t giving up, I am praying for a miracle for your loveable chocolate boy!!

  25. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you guys! But just so you know he is still have the energy and love for life not because of his treatments but because of all the love and care you guys have been giving him! You guys are amazing and he couldn’t have a better family! Don’t give up until he shows signs that it’s time! Unfortunately, we all have just a short time with our pups. Blaze (blaze_tagram) is my first ever fur baby and that is going to be probably the hardest thing I will ever have to do but, until then, I’ll try to give him the happiest life I can possibly give and I know that’s exactly what Charlie is getting from you guys!
    We love Charlie and you guys, and pray for all the miracles in the world!!! ????
    – Brigitta & Blaze

  26. Your lives are followed closely by me and many others. Our emotions mirror yours. No way would I give up on Charlie….he is family, after all. My prayers for him and his wonderful family. Couldn’t imagine a day without seeing the antics of Charlie & Gentle. My love goes out to each of you. You have a very special dog with your Charlie. And I know you will do what is best for Charlie. Our prayers for healing. May God Bless!!

  27. Our family sends love and hope to you and Charlie. We went through lymphoma treatment with our lab, Boone when he was 4, so we can absolutely relate to what you are going through. Hoping this protocol does the trick!

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