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“When Charlie Turns 6, We’re Getting A Puppy.”

“When Charlie Turns 6, We’re Getting A Puppy.”

When we lost Theo, our first dog, I would go sit at Barnes and noble after work because I couldn’t handle going home to an empty house. My husband, (boyfriend at the time,) would call me when he was almost home, and then I’d go home too.

After a month of this, he came home with Charlie. It was impossible to replace Theo, because that’s just not how it works. Dog people know this. Every dog that comes in to your life is so different and serves a new purpose. I wanted to send Charlie back at first, but he grew on me.

Once Charlie made his way into our hearts, I had always wished that he had met Theo. That’s when we made the decision- “When Charlie turns 6, we’re getting a puppy.”

It seemed perfect, he would live half of his life with just us, and then the other half teaching his ways to the new puppy. They would love each other, and when it was time for Charlie to leave this earth, that puppy would carry on a piece of him.

This September Charlie turned 6. The puppy pact was in the back of both of our minds, but with Charlie’s cancer, neither one of us wanted to bring it up.

I thought about it for months, and then I finally came to a decision. Cancer will not run our lives. We’re getting a puppy. I don’t know how much time Charlie has left with us, but he still doesn’t know he’s sick, and he has A LOT of energy. I’m hoping that with whatever time they have together they can form a bond, and Ralphie can carry on a piece of Charlie.

My heart breaks when I think about everything Charlie is going through. I try to be strong for him, but sometimes I just hold him and cry. The thought of going through anything like this in the future, was almost enough for us to never want a dog again. But we’re dog people. Loving dogs is what we do. We gave Charlie such a wonderful life. Why should we deprive another dog of the best life ever, to protect our feelings?

Ralphie is adorable, but it will take some time for him to find his place. It will take some time for us to figure out his purpose. He doesn’t have big paws to fill, because he will never replace charlie. His journey is his own, and that journey starts now.

A piece of me keeps wondering if we’ve made the right decision, but today my husband said it best. “We always planned on getting Ralphie, we never planned on getting cancer. Cancer will not win, but love will.”

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42 thoughts on ““When Charlie Turns 6, We’re Getting A Puppy.”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️To both of your boys, Charlie and Ralphie! Hugs to your family on the new addition. Charlie has a lot to teach him. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I think it’s wonderful. Ralphie will be so good for Charlie. Welcome to the family Ralphie. You have awesome pawents and siblings.

  3. This is so wonderful! Ralphie you have a lot to learn from big brother Charlie, just as he and your new family have to learn from you. Merry Christmas to the Bezas. You are a beautiful family. ???????????????? *crys as writing and reading this*

  4. Snuggles to Ralphie! He’ll learn all he needs from Charlie and be a great comfort to all, after he finishes chewing everything 😉 merry Christmas Charlie family!!

  5. This is so precious and really helps me with getting another dog one day. I gave a senior black lab. My baby, my soulmate, my forever. He will be 16 in January and still living his best life! Your post is comforting as I know my Petey will not live forever- tho he’s doing a dang good job of it, but a future dog down the road will never replace him. We are dog people and I would rather love them, then never loved at all. ❤️

  6. Merry Christmas to ya’ll and Welcome Ralphie!!!!! I was getting ready to turn off my light to go to sleep then received your beautiful, touching, and exciting email!!! I am crying tears of joy for you all. Charlie will be the best big brother to Ralphie like he is to Gentle! I wish so much I had gotten a little brother for my Great Dane Moose then for my Black Lab Clyde. I am so happy for you all!!!

  7. How lovely, I was crying just reading this. I cant imagine the thought of my baby getting sick either, but I do agree you are doing the right thing with Ralphy. He will give you all the positive energy you will all need and you never know just maybe a cure for Charlie ????

  8. At first I thought it was cruel to bring a puppy into your lives ( I love your Charlie so much) but reading your post I’m replying through tears because it is such a well thought out decision. We lost our chocolate 2 years ago tomorrow and there was a moment last week when I amost caved in and got another dog. My husband would have been thrilled because we are such dog people. We’ve had 2 labs in our lives and our kids are grown and gone now. As much as we would love to share our lives,we need to travel to see grandchildren,so as hard as it was I decided to not give in to my longings. I will live vicariously through your posts of Charlie and Ralphie. Merry Christmas ????

  9. Beautifully said Melissa . ????????. Ralphie, is a lucky puppy to enter in to a home , with so much love for doggies. You made the right decision. “Onwards and upwards.” This phrase serves as a reminder to continue your personal journey. No what if’s.❤️ Annette B.

  10. Beautifully said Melissa . ????????. Ralphie, is a lucky puppy to enter in to a home , with so much love for doggies. You made the right decision. “Onwards and upwards.” This phrase serves as a reminder to continue your personal journey. No what if’s.❤️ Annette B.

  11. Oh my goodness….this is just perfect. Charlie will probably have a new reason to get moving of a morning. He will have so much to teach Ralphie and Gentle. Seems like you guys have thought this through. Best of Wishes to your family…..and my prayers that Charlie is able to beat this cancer thing. Love to each of you!!

  12. Congratulations! Very well said. Hugs to all of you and sharing your life and love is exactly what all kids, 2 and 4 legs need!

  13. That is such a brilliant thought. Love your love for Charlie and love Charlie a lot. I wish he lives his complete life in good spirits

  14. This is so heart warming! Such words if love and warmth! Please stay in touch with me! I was in the same boat but I went about it the wrong way! I am desperately lonely for my Ellie Mae, and I thought I could replace my Ellie I had Eli for a month and it just didn’t work and now he is gone nothing bad some one wanted him and so he is gone, I can’t forgive myself , I wish we knew each other so I could visit your family , my son has choc. Lab and I love him to death i’m going to visit him 2nd week of Jan. Charlie will live forever in your heart and ours , live strong Charlie , you have a wonderful family even if your dad wears jorts and outdated jacket that does’t fit!!!!

  15. LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pack with us❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️????????

  16. What a great post on Christmas Day. I think that Charlie’s time here far from over. He has mission to show this new puppy and Gentle what a good brother he is. When Charlie does leave. This new little chocolate puppy will have been taught what his responsibilities are to take care and watch over his very special humans. This post has brought both tears and a smile . Be strong Charlie. Love you from Canada ????????.

  17. I’m Browny’ Mom and have seen IG Charlie for about 3 years.
    Charlie is strong and happy with his family.
    I love yours coments. Sometimes I laugh a lot and it’s so good for me.
    Wish you guys happiness in the new year.
    Ralphie is so handsome, and Charlie, and Gentle!
    You have a beautiful family!
    I loved your story!
    We live in São Paulo, Brazil, Browny, (my little girl – 3 years old) and me,
    Aurea Silva

  18. You made me cry a lot with this post… Because everything you write is true, difficult and beautiful. I got a 2 years old chocolate lab and i have already think about adopting a puppy who Can Learn from her.
    I think you made a really good decision. Welcome Ralphie, so happy for you that u find this family ????

  19. Having a chocolate lab myself, i can reason ( remotly) what hou are going through. My boy – Casper is 12,5 now, ???? but going backwards quickly as he has ALS…… knowing what i know niw… i think your decision is just genious ans heartwarming dot both the dogs & yoir family! I hope you all have a lot of time together to spend, love & cuddle! I look up to yoir strenght in this journey, and wish you guys all the love in the world. ❤️

  20. Hi Meli! I get so emotional everytime I read your posts. I’m so so happy for all of you. Looking forward to seing more photos and videos of your family of five. ❤ I would love to see a video of Charlie and Gentle meeting their new brother.

  21. You truly have a gift of writing how you feel down and explaining it to others. I am sitting reading this with tears in my eyes because I too am a dog person and have gone through your same situation a few years ago. I wish every member of your pack a wonderful new year and look forward to reading many updates! Love to all!

  22. I love this!! My chocolate baby is 11. I am terrified of loosing her and the emptiness in my heart and quiteness in my home. I love that someday Ralphie will carry on a piece of Charlie and always have known sweet Charlie. I have been praying we would have the blessing of a “Gentle” come into our lives… to help fill the void in my heart… but so far..only God knows it that will ever happen?? My Chocolate girl has always been an only pup and I don’t know how she would do sharing me? Or with the energy of a pup?? I know you guys made the right decision!! I will be contemplating a Ralphie for our family….
    Thank you for sharing you beautiful story. Xoxo

  23. Congrats on Ralphie, I have loved following Charlie and Gentle and they always bring me a smile! Your post rings very true to so many of your fellow dog people- we lost our chocolate lab Amos in July but I was beginning to feel our lives (especially our black lab Sadie) were missing something. We welcomed Bo Diddley, a beautiful 2 year old chocolate lab, into our home 12/23. He will never “replace” Amos but we know like your Ralphie, he will bring as much joy to us as we will to him! I can’t wait to see Ralphie grow up! ????????????❣️❣️❣️

  24. That is the sweetest post. We had to put one of our labs down two years ago. As you know, heartbreaking. Our other one is 14. I keep thinking I can’t get another one after this. I just loved these two so much! But I appreciate your words, they have a different purpose in our lives. It’s true. They have special places in our hearts.
    Merry Christmas to you all & your sweet new bundle.

  25. Bless Charlie and now Ralphie. May they have a strong brotherly love. Enjoy every single minute. Much love to you all.

  26. I was so surprised and so happy when I saw your post yesterday. Merry Christmas to y’all and welcome to IG Ralphie! You are so right about living life the way you planned. I hope Charlie loves Ralphie and can’t wait to see all their adventures with Gentle!

  27. Bless you !!! Nothing can replace unconditional love ???? Charlie has more love shown to him than we can ever measure – you are awesome parents

  28. Life is not not for wimps. Living life large is sometimes the only thing that will get you thru those inevitable lows. Go for it, fiqure it out as you go. Looks like you guys have more than enough love to spread around. Just make sure Charlie knows he’s #1???????? Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

  29. I was so happy to see a new addition to your fur-family. Ralphie will learn a lot from Charlie. Of course. Dog can replace another we all know that is dog lovers. Your decision to get a puppy when Charlie Turn 6 is a good idea. I look forward to seeing and reading all about Ralphie’s Adventures with your family.

  30. You are beyond wise !!! Obviously you have unconditional love for your babies – Charlie , Ralphie and littlev, beautiful Gentle !! Life is not easy but it has so many blessings – love shown comes back a million times over to you. And right now Charlie is experiencing that – he has given so much love to your family- and now he is feeling that love coming back from all over the world !!! He will continue to feel the love for many years to come !!!! ????????????????????????☃️????????????☃️????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

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