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I try my hardest to only focus on one day at a time when it comes to Charlie’s cancer. If he’s acting like himself, I try to put it out of my head that he’s even sick, but these last 3 weeks it’s been hard to do that.

When Charlie was diagnosed with cancer it was really hard. Lymphoma is treatable, not curable, but I had high hopes. With Chemotherapy I thought he would be in remission by now. I thought it would be at least a year before his cancer returned and he would need a second round of chemotherapy.I thought Charlie was stronger than Cancer and he would fight it fast, but I was wrong.

The first protocol they tried was the most common one used for dogs with multicentric Lymphoma. CHOP (cyclophosphamide, hydroxydaunorubicin [doxorubicin], Oncovin® [a trade name of vincristine], and prednisone) was supposed to be administered to him once a week for 20 sessions. After about 10 or 11 sessions, the oncologist thought it wasn’t doing enough, so we agreed to move on to another drug. This time we tried a drug called Tenovea which was supposed to be administered to him once every 3 weeks for 5 sessions. Tenovea has an overall 77% response rate, but Charlie doesn’t seem to be falling in the 45% of complete response.

The original lymph node that brought us to the vet in the first place is swollen again. Each day I feel it getting bigger, causing me to lose more and more hope. Today we go in for his next round of chemotherapy. Again we made it halfway through a protocol that the cancer has become resistant to. Again, it’s time to try a new drug.

Charlie is the same ol’ Charlie. He’s crazy, he’s hungry all the time, he barks at everything that goes by the house, and he always wants to be by my side. I try hard to treat the cancer like he does, but the last few days have been hard for me. I’m constantly wondering how much more time I have with him. Today this photo came up on my Facebook as a memory from two years ago. I really needed this reminder of how great our life together has been so far. I’ll never be ready to let him go… and so we keep fighting. #ruffcancer


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  1. Annnnnd hysterical. You’re an amazing mom and Chuck is an amazing boy. God put your family all together for a reason…it may be difficult to see that now. One day. You are in my prayers and thoughts everyday ❤️

  2. Praying for you and your family. I love following Charlie and Gentle. You have a wonderful family and I know God put Charlie in your life for a read.

  3. We love you Charlie . Our beautiful choccie Rocky passed away a few weeks ago . It was devastating . We are thinking of you and we send our love from London UK xxxx

  4. My Wendell has thyroid cancer. He also how to change chemo drugs in the middle of this protocols , then his kidneys became impacted because his body wasn’t getting rid of it correctly So then I just had a start bringing in urine samples And yet another new drug.
    It’s so hard, especially when they are true members of the family. I will send a little prayer & positive vibes your way.
    Good Luck

  5. This brought me to instant tears – we are so lucky to have them, I mean really – how on earth did we get SO lucky!? And then just like that, life happens and we are faced with them being sick, aging or worse – suddenly gone. Somehow, we are left to figure out life without our best friends or think about life without our best friends, who have made us smile more times then we could ever count. It just doesn’t seem fair and nothing in the world can prepare you for it.

    I lost my first dog as an adult 2 years ago this December, and it still hurts every single day – many people just don’t understand how hard that is. He too had cancer, when he was 9 but he beat it and lived until he was almost 14. One night, his spleen ruptured and he was gone within minutes. I knew he was aging, but he was still so active and healthy, I never expected that. I find myself almost envious of people who have time to prepare themselves and make memories, as awful as that sounds.

    We had 3 dogs so the two younger pups gave me so much to still be happy for and we found new ways and new memories. Now, my Lab is quickly approaching 9 years old. He’s getting more lumps and bumps every few months (luckily so far, just fatty tumors) but here I am again, facing the inevitable that one may not be so friendly and eventually, time is going to take my heart and soul dog away from me. How do I do that again? I am not sure, but for now I just love, smile and enjoy every single moment. Even the ones that make you shake your head. You have a lab, you understand 🙂

    Prayers for you every day – I love Charlie and I don’t even know him.

  6. So sorry things aren’t going as well as had hoped. Charlie is tough tho. I say a prayer every day for y’all. I love Charlie so much and haven’t ever met him. My chocolate lab is my heart also. I have no children so my dogs are the same to me. Stay positive. Stay strong. We are all with you.

  7. I’ve been praying for your family and Charlie ????????????I enjoy your posts and keep hoping for good news about Charlie ❤️❤️❤️I have a chocolate lab…Libby 7 and turning gray???? . It’s so amazing how much they love us and how we grow to love them… Gentle is beautiful and it’s wonderful that she’s learning to love a dog.
    I will keep the prayers coming. I admire you for writing about all of this. I hope one day Gentle can read it all????

  8. Sending prayers and love to you and Charlie for strength and healing. As hard as some days are, stay positive. It will help both you and Charlie so much ????❤️

  9. Charlie is also extremely lucky to have you ❤️ Unfortunately not every doggy has a crazy dog mom in their corner…fighting with them….loving them. Without a doubt you will continue to make every second Charlie has left here with us all the best any pup could ever ask for. #ruffcaner #keepfighting

  10. CharlieStrong! He’s such a fighter, and he’s lucky to have such an awesome family. However long he lives, he loves and we love him back! StayStrong Meli and family. Our chocoLabs Cocoa, Lucy, Page, and Ivy are ready to greet Charlie (and all of us!) in heaven.

  11. Hang in there Mamma ❤️???? ????????we will keep praying for you guys from Seattle. He is tough and he lives in the now so don’t let your sadness take away the present. Hug him, love him and enjoy him. It’s hard though I know. ???????????? Stacy and Bella Brown Chocolate lab – your IG friends.

  12. Please take Charlie to any vet college for treatment. They are always the first one to do new trial drugs and they have the very best vet doctors. We lost our grand puppy 2 1/2 years ago at 3 1/2 to cancer. We took him to blue pearl hospital in Nashville, Tn. If he has been diagnosis early on we would of had a fighting chance. The first vet said he’s still a puppy, the second vet did a biopsy but missed the surrounding area and marked it clean. The third specialist did a MRI first appt and when he talked to my son he told him not everyone needs to be reading biopsy because they miss the margins. Then the only thing left was amputation which would have been ok. But when a CT was done his lymph nodes were swollen. The specialist was afraid we would just be taking away from Jax the good time left. Mercy Father. We loved him with all of us. He did make it 5 more months but it was exactly one year from the time the small knot was found that was discarded. We may not have been given anymore time with Jax but we like to think we would have. I don’t question your treatment option, I get it truly I do. I pray for Charlie and each of you. Don’t give up!

  13. When you first said that Charlie was diagnosed with lymphoma I cried. I’ve been following your account for quite some time and it’s brought me so much joy. I love the fact that Charlie was just as goofy as my 11 year old chocolate lab. I was shocked that a dog so young could get cancer. When my Coco was 7 she got some mystery infection that they never figured out what it was. That was a month of hell. Constant vet visits and tests that were inconclusive. I cried constantly thinking this was her end. But she persevered and got better. Then 3 years ago she tore her cruciae ligament. That was the end of running for her. But with physio and water therapy she got better and still acted like a crazy lab.

    Four weeks ago I had to put my Coco-nut down. She stopped eating for two days which was unusual but she still acted like a goof. I figured she ate something in the yard that upset her tummy. I had plans to take her to our regular vet on Monday. Sunday afternoon she took a turn for the worse and was walking funny. With in an hour she deteriorated. I rushed her to our local emergency veterinary clinic and had to carry her in. A quick ultrasound showed that she had a hemangiosarcoma on her liver that ruptured. She was bleeding internally. She was completely anemic and her blood pressure was bottomed out. There was nothing they could do for her. I had to make that dreaded decision to end her suffering. I’m still in shock. Coco was my first dog ever and I had no idea that she had this tumor. There were literally no signs. She wasn’t in pain that I could tell. They truly are the silent sufferers. I’m sorry I just needed to share my story as I am having a difficult time dealing with her sudden passing.

    I don’t regret ever getting that little goof. She brought me so much joy and has made me into an avid animal lover. She was a nutty dog and loved to steal food from people and dog food samples at the pet food store.

    I want you to know that I’m always sending positive vibes to Charlie and your family. He can fight this! Give him lots of hugs and kisses! #ruffcancer

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